Breastfeeding Help

Although breastfeeding is natural, it's not always easy. Many mommies and babies experience breastfeeding problems. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor here to answer all your questions and teach you how to breastfeed your baby without pain. If you're worried about returning to work, I can answer questions about pumping schedules and which is better: breast milk vs formula. Throughout the breastfeeding journey, be aware of your breastfeeding diet and when to start solid foods with your baby. Fill out my contact form for free breastfeeding tips and if you need individualized help, you can book with me at any time. 

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Breastfeeding Diet

Nutrition While Nursing for Mommy and Baby

Breastfeeding nutrition comes with considerations for mom's diet, including medications, what to eat while breastfeeding, and foods to avoid. Baby should start solid foods around 6 months while continuing to breastfeed. 

When should baby start solid foods? 

Your baby should start solid foods when they show signs of readiness. Signs include sitting up with support, baby watching you eat, starting to mimic you while you eat, and acting unsatisfied with breast milk. Be sure to give your baby a well rounded diet and give breast milk or formula until at least 1 year. 

Lose weight while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps you lose that baby weight!

Breastfeeding is best for baby, and it has benefits for mommy as well! Weight loss is accelerated in mothers that breastfeed. Many mothers want to breastfeed their babies because of the health benefits for the babe but forget about health benefits for themselves.



If you want to breastfeed but are struggling, Mama Moo offers breastfeeding support from the comfort of home. 

Sometimes a little breastfeeding help is necessary for a mother and baby. If you find yourself needing breastfeeding support, I am an RN and Certified Lactation Counselor here to help. I offer consults online and over the phone at affordable prices. Book with me today! 

Breastfeeding Diet